In the Name of God


Ms. Shokrollah


Concept of (five sense, daily activity, and body parts) were reviewed. Following sentences have been covered. Students are able to make sentences:

I can see with my eyes.

I can hear with my ears.

I can smell with my nose.

I can taste with my tongue.

I can touch with my hands.

I have got two eyes.

I have got two ears.

I have got one nose.

I like grapes (peaches, oranges, grapes, cake, chocolate, biscuit, orange juice)

I don’t like soup.

I wake up.

I brush my teeth.

I wash my face.

I comb my hair.

I go to school.

In addition, letters /f/, /w/ were reviewed.

Fish, frog, fan, flower, fork,

Winter, window, white, web

In Science sessions, students got familiar with the concept of “living and nonliving things”.

Activity books (unit 1-4) were completed.

۲nd and 3rd grade

Students got familiar with baby animals (cat, dog, bird)

Kitten, puppy, chick

Unit 5 was reviewed.

۴th and 5th grade

Structure was reviewed (going to).  Students are able to talk about future plans.

I’m going to see the animals.

I’m going to chat online.

She’s going to look at the elephants.

In addition, students consolidated the unit language with a story.

Students practiced to develop writing skills by using new structures and vocabularies.

In science session, three types of animals were introduced:

Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores

Also, they got familiar with Wildlife Park.

Sounds / sc, sk, sm, sn, sp, squ, st,sw/ were revised.

Ms. Niyaraki

۴th, 5th, 6th /odi1/

During this week all of the concepts related to unit (5) were taught. They had a test of unit 5, too.

They learnt new structures and new words related to unit 6 (different parts of the house). They practiced these following sentences:

Do you live in a flat? Yes, I do./No , I don’t.

Where do you live? I live in Cairo/ a flat.

Where’s she/he? She’s/he’s in the kitchen.

۲nd /phonics2/

 In phonics sessions, /ch , th/as blending sounds with their sounds , actions, words, and

Sentences were taught.

                ch                    th                      th
              cheese                  teeth                    mother
              chair                  bath                    they
              beach                  thin                      feather

In math session, students have been able to count and write numbers 1 to 100.


I like cheese.        Look at the beach.          Soap is in the bath.      She is my mother.   The feather is black.

I sit on the chair.      Candy is bad for your teeth.          She is thin.            They are happy.


In phonics sessions, letters (V, X, J) with their sounds, actions, formations, flashcards and sentences were taught. They did some pages of their phonics book and worksheets, too.

V= van, vet, violin, vase, vest

It is a van.

X= box, fox, six,

He is six.

J= jam, jar, jug, jelly, jump, jet

 This is a jet.

Ms.Golbaba /odi6/

In GE sessions, students leant some new words with their synonyms and definitions.

New grammar “reported speech question “was taught so students have been able to change direct speech questions to reported speech questions.

Why is it frightening to look down to the Earth?

I asked him why it was frightening.

What do you want to be one day?

He asked me what I wanted to be one day.

Reading part /page 60/ was read and practiced, too.

Mrs. Tavassoly

۱st grade (level 2)

Students learnt long a (ay). They practiced reading and writing “ay” words. They also practiced reading and writing sentences containing tricky words.




I have a red bag.

It is a black desk.

He is not sad.

She is my sister.

     ۳rd grade (level 2)

Students learnt about different parts and components of the nature. They were also taught about the grammar of “there is” and “there are”.

tree, rock, pond, flower, birds, animals, insects

There are some flowers in the garden.

There is a pond here.

There isn’t any grass.

     ۴th,5th,6th grade (level 2)

During the week students learnt the difference between must and should. They also learnt the adverbs of frequency.  They took a related exam as well.

Must: rules => you must tidy your bedroom. You mustn’t sleep late.

Should: you should read a good book in your free time.

I always go to school.

She usually plays piano.

Pre /level 2/

Students practiced dialogues during the week. Beside they learnt to blend cvc words. Letters have been reviewed in the past week.

Dad, pat, tad, pat, hat, pan

Mom: Girls, girls, hurry up, breakfast is ready.

Girl: What do we have for breakfast mom?

Mom: We have cream, jam, and honey.

Girl: Mom, I want milk for breakfast.

Mom: Ok, don’t eat fast. You will get stomachache.